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Hong Kong Skyline from Victoria Peak

Hong Kong Skyline from Victoria Peak

About Print Sizes

  • We offer various print sizes to meet your needs.  Listed print sizes have an aspect ratio of 1.5, because that is the aspect ratio of the SLR film and DSLR sensor used by the Artist. Requests for custom print sizes will be considered, and those decisions will be based on the impact of the requested print size on the composition of the desired artistic photograph.
  • When purchasing a natural landscape artistic photograph - please strongly consider the 30" x 45" print size.  One aspect of natural landscapes is their ability to make one feel insignificant, and to reproduce that ability in a photograph - it needs to be done with print size.  


About Print Mediums

  • Print medium options are Fuji Crystal Archive Pearl Photo Paper, Metal and Acrylic Face Mount.  
  • Each print medium uses archival inks, ensuring high longevity ratings and a beautiful fine art print of superior quality.  Details of each print medium are below. 


Fuji Crystal Archive Pearl Photo Paper is coated with silver halide, which is exposed to lasers to produce a fine art print. 

  • It features a glossy finish, wide tonal range, and vibrant color reproduction that produces artwork that captures the viewer's attention. 
  • They are shipped unmatted and unframed, so they can be finished according to your own preferences.


Metal is a specially coated aluminum sheet that is infused with ink dyes. 

  • It features a high gloss finish and deep rich color to produce stunning artwork artwork.
  • It's the ideal print medium for a purchase from the Cityscape Exhibit.  
  • it's designed to be frameless, so it's shipped to your home ready to be hung elegantly on your wall with the installed float mounting hanger. 


Acrylic Face Mount is a fine art paper print that is face-laminated to a 1/4" thick piece of hand-polished acrlyic with a non-glare finish.  A DiBond backing is installed to provide structural support. 

  • Viewing artwork through high quality acrylic adds an illusion of depth and luminosity. 
  • It's widely considered the modern print medium. 
  • It's designed to be frameless, so it's shipped to your home ready to be hung elegantly on your wall with the installed French cleat mounting hanger. 
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